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eWedding Review

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Price Range:


Free Trial:

10 days

Hosting Time:

12-24 months

No of Pages Per Site:                 

22 pages

No of Templates:

24 templates  

No of Designs:

144 designs

Max Photo Upload:

unlimited photos

Average User Rating:

(2.7 stars)

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From eWedding

”Highest rated themes and options. Choose your own domain name (www.**.com), no extra fee. Easy to use and setup. Come see why eWedding.com is the Net's most popular premium wedding website service. As seen on 'The View', ABC, CBS, theknot, weddingbells and more.”

User Reviews

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Reviewed by na on July 22, 2010

”I spent a lot of time creating my free webpages and was really happy and sent them out. The day after sending the link to all my friends and family I get an email saying that the free upgrade I had been given was going to expire and all my pages that were not free pages would be taken offline. I never asked/agreed to an upgrade! Now I am being forced to pay for the upgrade or risk loosing my site!”

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Reviewed by eWedding Sucks on May 25, 2010

”I signed up with eWedding to set up my wedding website and working with them has been a complete disaster. They took ownership of the website domain I registered through them and are refusing to transfer it back to my name after I canceled my account with them. They don't list a functioning customer support number, and their email support is one extremely rude, dumb, and unhelpful person. I have reported them to the BBB for their practices, and encourage everyone here to do the same. Their parent company name is LAUNCHPAD WEB DEVELOPMENT. Don't go through the same experience I did with these lowlife criminals. Avoid eWedding.com at all costs!”

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Was good!!! but now my site is down!!!

Reviewed by Enrick on May 19, 2008

”Hi, Does someone know how to contact customer service at ewedding.com? My site is down for the past week and despite at least 7 emails, nobody is getting back to me! This is quite frustrating knowing that I've spent so much time to create this website. I am not sure to understand what's going on! So all help and assistance are welcome... Thanks!”

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Reviewed by Bride on January 31, 2008

”My friend used ewedding. I absolutly loved the web layout-I didn't need to brows...When we were engaged I knew exactly what sight to use! I have had over and over again comments on how "classy", "convinent" and "exrtemely nice" our website is. I would recomend this site to anyone. I already know that several of my friends are already sold on it. :~) Thank you ewedding!!!”

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Perfect For Up-to-date Couples

Reviewed by Megan on January 30, 2008

”I loved ewedding.com! My fiance surprised me when he told me he had set up an account without any convincing from me. The site has been such a time saver. Guests can easily get all updates online without having to call my cell phone 5000000 times. It also saved on costs since we didn't have to pay for the extra postage that comes along with sending directions to out of towners. Everything was very user friendly, so even if you aren't very familiar with setting up a site, it is easy. I loved being able to customize all of the different features. These days there are websites for everything, so why not make one for your event!? I would absolutely recommend them to any bride who enjoys building up the excitement before the big day!”

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Easy and Great!

Reviewed by Melanie Ulmer on January 30, 2008

”I am sorry for all of you that have had a rough go of it with this site but I have had no problems at all. The payment process was easy and setting up the information went very smooth as well. You can change the topics for the pages that are displayed, you can put up lots of photographs, maps, links to everything......I could go on and on. Most of our guests are from out of town and this site has been beneficial in many different ways for us to be able to share the planning and to get all the information out as we needed to. I thought the choices for the layouts were nice, but that of course is based on what you like or what you already had an idea of before looking through them. I know I checked out alot of different wedding webpage sites before deciding on this one and I found that the selection on several of the sites for layouts to be lacking. So overall I would have to say I love this site! I have had no problems and the site has never shut down on me.....that I know of....and I check it quite often. If you like the layout and you have a lot of information to relay I would say this site is perfect for you. Good luck! Mel ”

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Reviewed by Faren Lauser on January 29, 2008

”I can't begin to express how fun, easy and convenient this site is for us. Everyone who has seen our page has been so impressed. What I love most is how personal you can make it and how well you can design it to fit your own personality. Our wedding is less than 2 months away and this site has been a great help in keeping our guests updated with our destination wedding to Hawaii!!! It's getting more exciting because family and friends are posting comments and also use the RSVP online...LOVE IT!....Save a stamp! Thanks, ewedding....I'm setting up more sites for my friends that are also getting married soon! Wish us luck! ”

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Great Site

Reviewed by Jane Schmitt & Luis Ibarra on January 29, 2008

”Ewedding was great! We were able to get our site up within a very short time period. As a professional website designer, I was impressed with how easy the templates were to use and the quality of the available designs. Most of the other sites I looked at had very generic templates that did not capture the look we were aiming for. Yes... I could have designed my own site, but with all the planning for our wedding I didn't have time. (Besides who likes to do their job after work!)Our wedding was in Costa Rica, so this was the only way I could share all of the information regarding the local area, hotels and all of the other details we wanted (and needed) to share with our guests who came from many different parts of the world. My guests raved about the website and how beautiful it looked. Ewedding did experience a brief down time (about 24 hours), due to a situation beyond their control. When I called they were very helpful and clearly doing everything they could to get the site back online. Sadly our wedding is now over so at some point I will have to close down the site (although I am planning on ordering a disc for a keepsake). But for now my guests and I still look at the site and rember what a great event it was. Thanks eweddings for offering such a great website service.”

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Exactly What We Needed!

Reviewed by Elizabeth on January 29, 2008

”My fiance is English and we're inviting people from all over the world to come to our wedding. Because of that, it's difficult to plan with everyone knowing the time differences and other hindrances. We decided to use ewedding.com and have had such great success with it! Our friends and family use it with great ease and have been able to continue to look at it for updates, activity plans, and the wedding weekend itinerary. I think that ewedding.com is a fantastic website, and it was exactly what we needed.”

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Reviewed by Anne on January 28, 2008

”My fiancee and I spent a ton of time creating a website through ewedding.com. We paid for a monthly subscription and then I tried to get my URL up and running and it didn't work. I contacted the people through the "contact us" section of the website but no one ever got back to me. Finally, we got a response and it turns out there was a typo in the address we requested - it was off by one letter. We asked if it could be changed and they said sure, for $30. I cancelled the payment, and the site that moment. It's a pain to get a hold of anyone, terrible service. I don't recommend it to anyone. ”

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Reviewed by tanisha on November 30, 2007

”I had a website with ewedding for a few months until the site started going down in October. My site was down on October 31st like the others, but it had gone down two other times a few weeks earlier. I had to call the launchpad number billed on my credit card in order to even get a number to ewedding. When I called them the first time the site went down (on a Sunday) I got a voicemail that said the representatives were busy and to leave a message, so I decided to call back during the week; when I called back on a weekday I received the same voicemail, so I left a message and to this date, I haven't received a call back. When I initially got the voicemail (on a Sunday) I sent an email to two representatives at ewedding (the email came back as undeliverable because the entire site was down) and I sent an email to launchpad in regards to ewedding. I got a response back from ewedding later that day stating that nothing was wrong with the site and it must have been my browser (even though their emails came back as undeliverable and I had three friends try to access my website & another friend's website who also used ewedding). I was in TOTAL DISBELIEF and that's when I called to speak with someone, but wasn't able. I found another site from this website that I just love. They have many more features than most of the sites, easy to use, and they are very economical. I would not recommend ewedding to anyone because they are not consistent and I want a site that I don't have to worry about not being available when my family and friends want to look at the site. I hope this review was useful.”

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Reviewed by Jen on November 15, 2007

”My best friend just called to tell me that when she typed in my website address a bunch of random info came up...totally not the site I spent over the past year creating. I just renewed last week for 69 dollars....and now this. I was just about to send the save the dates with my web address....thank god I havent sent them yet. I spent so much time on this site...I am in tears over this.Has anyone managed to get a response back from customer service??”

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Im Still Worried...

Reviewed by The Groom on November 5, 2007

”Our website is back up, but I am still concerned. I would really like to avoid the situations that the users below were placed in. I can only imagine how mad I would be if I paid for the upgrade and sent out save the dates, only to find out that guests could not view my website. Does everyone think this is an isolated incident or should I get out while I am still in the early stages of planning the website? Also, whats up with the paypal issue?”

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Reviewed by Devon Jennings on November 1, 2007

”Hey ladies! As of 10AM this morning, my personal website and ewedding.com is back up. I am not sure what happened, but I did email to try to find out. Hopefully it was the first and last time!”

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Reviewed by Devon on October 31, 2007

”Hey ladies! I am with you...I signed up and paid for everything back in May and my website to my suprise today is also down. Nothing with ewedding.com is up. I have a print out of my paid receipt - I will look when I get home to see if there is a contact number...if I find it, I will post it! WTF?!?!?!?!?!”

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What the heck??!?!

Reviewed by Kristin on October 31, 2007

”I just sent out my save the dates with my website on it and not I can't find the site? Is there server just down or did they close the site down for good???? ”

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Reviewed by Sachin on October 31, 2007

”this website is a fraud; no information about the site /my url/website page/ or phone number; all disconnected and no one knows contact ur credit card company to cancel their order ”

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Reviewed by MAD PERSON on October 31, 2007


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Where's My Website?

Reviewed by Alittle Upset on October 31, 2007

”So I spend about 2 weeks setting up my wedding website with images and stories...you name it. So the day comes that I email the wedding website to everyone I know to announce our wedding date and information, but...to my surprise, without warning, ewedding.com is not working at all. So I keep getting emails back from everyone telling me that there is no wedding website. So I continue to check ewedding.com to see when my wedding website will be back up and working, and it still is not up!?! How frustrating, urgh!!!”

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Ease of use is important during your planning!

Reviewed by Brigita N on May 23, 2007

”Our Wedding guests loved our website! What a convenient way to share information and I thought it was so easy to manage and upload the information. www.ewedding.com made it simple that even the person who has limited technical experience should have an easy time. There are multiple templates that you can use as well as the controls of what you want to include or not is simple. We had one random entry in our guestbook and we were able to delete that without any problems. Even though our Wedding was over a year ago, we keep extending our website just because it is so much fun. It is a really good value!”

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Reviewed by L B on April 27, 2007

”I have now built two wedding web sites. For the party on the West Coast, I used wed-o-rama and my experience was excellent. But they only offer flash sites and we have a lot of older people attending, so I decided simpler was better and went with eWedding for the East Coast party. Big mistake. Though the site is easy to use, the templates are incredibly inflexible. You cannot remove the "Contact Us" page. You cannot tailor your "Guestbook." And, your guests have to RSVP for every single member of their party separately. I can understand how this would be useful for formal affairs and a placecard list, but we are having a casual party with many families attending. So, a family of 5 would have to fill out 5 forms. I went through all of the different types of pages they offer to try to figure out if I could tweak one of their other forms. Nope. In terms of style, they don't have many themes and the only flexibility they offer within a theme is a very limited color choice. On Wed-o-Rama I could chooose ANY color for the background, the font, the link colors. Also, the fonts and formats eWedding uses look really antiquated and unappealing. BUT I never would have bothered with all of this whining if it hadn't been for the payment process. When you try to "upgrade" your site, you're told that paypal will process the payment, but that you do not need a paypal account. WRONG. Once you enter your information, you are directed to a page that REQUIRES that you save your information with paypal. In other words, to complete the payment, you MUST set up a Paypal account. Not only that, you must register TWO credit cards (or give them your bank account information) in order to actually complete the payment. I would have just gone through another website vendor, but, by then, I had put so much work into setting up the ewedding site that I just didn't have it in me. The thing is that I really wouldn't have minded if they had simply disclosed their policy BEFORE I went through all of that. Why not just tell the user that they only accept payment through PayPal and that you must have a PayPal account to get an eWeddings site. I assume that Launchpad and eWeddings have some connection or reciprocal agreement with PayPal and that's why they deliberately confuse and mislead their customers. Totally and completely infuriating. ”

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