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Wedding Window Review

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Price Range:


Free Trial:

7 days

Hosting Time:

1-36 months

No of Pages Per Site:                 

unlimited pages

No of Templates:

unlimited templates  

No of Designs:

536 designs

Max Photo Upload:

unlimited photos

Average User Rating:

(4.9 stars)

  Wedding Window


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From Wedding Window

Rated #1 Wedding Website Provider Overall by The Wall Street Journal
As featured in Instyle Weddings Magazine Winter 2008 issue as their “Top Pick”.

- Fully Customizable!! - Create Your Own Custom Color Schemes
- Upload Your Own Design Photos
- Customize Your Design Fonts

- Save the Date eCards - 264 color schemes
- Elegant Design Selection
- Unlimited Photos
- Unlimited Pages
- Unlimited Entries
- Unlimited RSVP Event Entries
- Unlimited Updates
- Unlimited Customer Support
- Complete set of Planning Tools
- Monogram Options
- Audio/Video Albums
- Your Own Customizable Buttons Names
- Custom Web Links to External Websites

Our customizable options and easy-to-use setup process make it a cinch for you to have a wedding website that is personalized to your wedding theme. Take advantage of our 7-day FREE trial to see why everyone is calling WeddingWindow.com the #1 wedding website service.”

User Reviews

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Perfect for Planning - As much or as little as you

Reviewed by Nadiya Scott on September 21, 2010

”We shopped around and tested a few sites before choosing Wedding Window and it was absolutely one of the best decisions we made. We planned our own wedding and our website was the focal point for us. We used it for everything! The site was so user friendly for us. Our guests absolutely loved our website and told us how easy-to-use it was for them, too. We were able to customize all of details that we needed to help make our wedding vision a reality. The few times that I reached out to customer service with questions or suggestions, the customer rep was helpful and professional. I always received a fast, thoughtful, and friendly reply. A change was even made within a week for one of the suggestions! Our wedding experience would not have been the same without Wedding Window. -- David & Nadiya”

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They ROCK!

Reviewed by Elise & Jason on December 18, 2008

”We cannot put into words how this website has made our planning so much easier. Having a resource for our guest that is just a click away has made our wedding planning a lot less stressful! The site is user-friendly and has allowed us to customize and personalize! Our site truly looks like a professional was paid a lot of money, but we did it ourselves, and it was affordable!! Your team has been amazing and ohh so patient and we are so thankful for the prompt response we’ve received to all of our questions. We would suggest this site to any couple who wants to ensure their guest have up-to-date information and allow for individuals who are not able to be apart of their big day to be included. Thank you to the Staff at WeddingWindow.com for such an amazing tool. –Elise and Jason ”

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Reviewed by Amfi & Albert on September 6, 2008

”Worth the money! Easy to use and you can do a lot of personalization. You can change your design any time. Upload of videos and pictures is easy and quick. You just have to make the size and resolution of your pictures just enough for the website. Just see how beautiful our wedding website came out. www.AmfiandAlbertWedding.com”

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Wedding Window is Five Stars!

Reviewed by Jeffrey & Katrina on August 21, 2008

”Wedding Window was "First Class!" We absolutely loved using the site. From the very beginning we were able to find our wedding color scheme (which I may add was very difficullt because we used a very interesting match of colors for our wedding:orange and green) and no other wedding website had it but wedding window did! This website became the inspiration for our wedding! Using this website gave us the oppurtunity to communicate with our family and friends about all of our wedding details from start to finish. EVERYONE who saw our site said how beautiful it was. We are so pleased with how easy it was to navigate through the site and create something that was our very own. Thank you Wedding Window! Jefrrey & Katrina”

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Reviewed by Charmaine and Shawn Stiaes on July 29, 2008

”This site was extremely user friendly. Lots of options to design your site and make it your own. Very helpful with organizing our destination wedding. I've seen several other websites, prior to my getting engaged, and thought they looked OK. But, this site was amazing. Even friends of mine that design websites, for a living, were impressed. I enjoyed creating the website with my fiance', now husband. I love it and would recommend it to any and everyone I know that's getting married.”

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Go to Wedding Window

THE site to choose!

Reviewed by Kristy on July 3, 2008

”I tried out the other wedding website vendors and WeddingWindow was the absolute best. Not only that, the site was very easy to use and offered way more features than the other sites. Everyone loves my site and I know that has a lot to do with all the beautiful designs and neat tools WeddingWindow has provided me. If you are trying to figure out which site vendor to use, at least get the free trial of WeddingWindow. Then, don't be surprised if you get hooked! I was able to make such a beautiful site so quickly, there was no way I wasn't going with this vendor. I haven't had any issues or problems with the service or the site. It is all great! ”

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The Best Ever!!!

Reviewed by sammy on June 20, 2008

”Wedding Window is really easy to use even if you don't know much about web design. Only chanllenge i had was they don't offer flash (for pictures) yet, cos i didn't really want anyone downloading or copying my pictures online. so i got a flash program from another website and embedded it into my wedding window website. and did i mention it was really easy! so, anyone can do this.. need anything? just send them an email, their tech support replies you almost immediately. they sure are on top of their game. This site works excellently well for me! i recommend it a 110 percent!”

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Reviewed by CGDG on June 3, 2008

”Wedding Window is easy to use and provides a high number of classy and well-designed templates. I normally would have done my own web design to save money (having some background in XHTML/CSS), but this saved me a ton of time and didn't break the bank (and time's at a premium when you're planning a wedding). No problems at all, easy interface for plugging in your info and pictures, and good-looking (read: not clunky eye sores) pages where your guests can learn about you and your event. Plus, they make it easy to save your site to CD so that you can remember the way you told your story into digital perpetuity...”

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Reviewed by Stephanie Cross on June 2, 2008

”I would recommend Wedding Window to any couple looking to build a wedding Web site! There are so many designs and color selections that make it very easy to build a site that compliments your wedding style. The customer service is AMAZING. Every time I had a question, I emailed support and received an answer within 24 hours. No wedding Web site is perfect, but WeddingWindow.com pretty darn close. Enjoy! ”

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Versatile, Visually appealing, User Friendly & FUN

Reviewed by Mady Stovall on April 3, 2008

”We signed up for Wedding Window after reviewing several other wedding-website providers. Wedding Window provided a 7-day free option too so that we could see how our final product would appear before actually committing to a contract. After the first evening of using their "Site Wizard", our website was nearly complete and was simply fan-tabulous! It has been exciting, and easy, to add-to, revise, and personalize the site more over the past few months of planning. Given that we are having a destination-wedding, the website was the perfect tool for mass information-dissemination. We actually listed the website address on our invitations so that we could 'lighten' the invitation-envelopes and thus use less postage. I have received numerous comments and hundreds of e-mails from friends, family, and even strangers about the site! I HIGHLY recommend WeddingWindow.com as my wedding website of choice.”

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Dont look further - it really is the best

Reviewed by Neha Khanna on March 24, 2008

”I used this website to compare what all the other websites had to offer. I chose Wedding Window as it had elegant templates, allowed me to customize my website to my needs and events, it wasn't expensive, I could make changes to the site whenever I wanted, the sample sites looked great and the reviews were very high! My experience had been just that! I have a beautiful and elegant website which provides all kinds of details for my guests. Its particularly useful when you have guests coming from different places and cultures. You can make the site as interactive as you want with polls, quizzes, blogs and games. You can link it to other sites. Its very simple to understand and update and its a great place to consolidate all the information. The appreciation we have received from friends and family has been unbelievable and it makes us more excited about our wedding. The team responded to my query very quickly which is much appreciated. We are very happy with our experience and would strongly recommend Wedding Window to all other couples looking for a great experience while planning their wedding.”

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Go to Wedding Window


Reviewed by Jacquelyn Do on March 4, 2008

”Of all the wedding website engines I looked into, this was by far the best! If you're just looking for simplicity, then of course, any ol' website company will do. But if you're looking for tons of design options, great customer service/assistance, and the ability to control every (and I mean every) facet of your website, then this is the one for you. In other words, if you're as particular (ie. obsessive compulsive) as me you would want nothing less. This website has so many functions! You can basically do anything with it- accept RSVPs, post unlimited amounts of photos, the option to increase memory space for video albums and music, customize all your pages, protect any or all pages of your website with a password, track your guestlist and gifts, give guests "pop-up" updates of what's new, edit photos, link entries to website address or directions... it's limitless. The aspect I liked most about this server was that I had options for everything. That allowed me to set up each page exactly the way I wanted it. And also, they made it easy. Everyone thought I was a web designer after they saw the site! One thing you should know is that after you add on all the options, it is one of the pricier wedding websites. But the good thing is that they give you a free trial period to navigate around and build your website with no obligations. There was really nothing that I wanted to do that this website couldn't service. I just have to rave again about how great their customer service department is. Each time I sent an email question, I would get a detailed reply within hours! One of the few technical complaints I had with the server was that they didn't have the option for our website music selection to continuously play through all the songs. Instead, I could only chose to continuously play the same song or have it stop after the first play. So if guests wanted to listen to the next song they would have to manually click the play button to proceed. So I wrote to them about it and now... WHA-LA!... all of our song selections play continuously through! You're hearing it for yourself! I am very happy I found this server because it has been SOOO much easier to communicate wedding details to my guests and keep them abreast with all the happenings, especially since there were TWO weddings to manage. My mom especially loved it because she can still keep in touch with what's going on even with us being on opposite coasts. It saved on having to answer tons of emails and calls. Also, with every wedding that I attended in the past, I never had the opportunity to see the couple's wedding album, even those of my closest friends. What's great now is that we can share all of our wedding pictures and videos with everyone who attended our weddings! Undoubtedly, building and updating the website is very time consuming but if you have fun with it (as I did), you'll be very happy with all that you were able to share and preserve of your wedding planning experience. Jackie ”

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Best investment

Reviewed by Kamilah Kynard on February 27, 2008

”I have had my site for about one year and a half.I love it, it was easy to follow. The site walks you step by step through each page and also gives you suggestions. I only problem I had is if you have alot of pictures it will take for ever. Aside from that the site is great. I haven't got a chance to add my video yet, we'll see how that works out. The best investment ever......”

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Wedding WIndow Rocks!

Reviewed by Uche on October 26, 2007

”I L-O-V-E The Wedding Window! Working with this tool to create and manage my wedding website and event was a real pleasure. My husband and I compared the services offered at Wedding Window with those of several other vendors but it soon became clear that The Wedding Window was the best value for cost. The customer service has been always responsive to my every question and request. Definitely, Wedding Window is an excellent choice of vendor for any couple. The services available far exceed just providing a website with information on the event, there are other planning tools that are very useful as well - budget tracker, gift tracker, thank you card workshop. It certainly helps that you can test out the website before making a purchase!!! My husband and I received soooo many compliments from our guests on our website. Our guests were impressed with how professional and beautiful the website looked and how easy it was to navigate and use. We had guests from all over the world join us for our wedding so our website was the ultimate tool to keep them informed and share the event with others who could not attend. You just can't go wrong with Wedding Window in my book!”

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Go to Wedding Window

Your Search Ends Here!!

Reviewed by Chacon on September 24, 2007

”Our first impression when we saw a site designed by Wedding Window was WOW! We knew at that exact moment that we had to have one to showcase our wedding, wedding party and all the other facets that make a wedding special. We made multiple visits to weddingwindow.com and it was also "hit" by many at our job. This is a godsend in the realm of wedding planning and something that, if you're trying to find a site to host your wedding, YOUR SEARCH ENDS HERE!! Wedding Window is the ONLY site you should consider period! ”

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Incredible Experience

Reviewed by Brea on September 19, 2007

”What an incredible experience! Not only has Wedding Window's service assisted us in distributing information regarding our wedding and the events surrounding it, to our friends and family, but it has also become a online scrapbook of sorts, allowing my now husband and I to document every aspect of the planning and celebrating leading up to our wedding day and well into our lives as newlyweds. We had limited experience building a website, yet Wedding Window's interface was extremely simple to use allowing us to createna unique and personalized site reflecting our wedding style/theme. We had much positive feedback from our website readers and wedding guests, especially my family who traveled from Canada to the U.S. for our wedding. Because of Wedding Window, we were able to post everything from maps to detailed directions to accommodation ideas. Readers also enjoyed following along with us during the planning stage, and we were thrilled we could share this exciting time with those closest to us! We even had family and friends who were not computer/internet users become loyal visitors after being shown the site. Also, we just wanted to take this opportunity to thank WeddingWindow.com for the impeccable customer service during our 12 month hosting term. On several occasions we had questions/concerns and their staff responded promptly and courteously. Very impressed! We have recommended their services to numerous engaged couples and will continue to do so. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!”

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Blessed by Wedding Window

Reviewed by Lisa on August 17, 2007

”We have been so blessed by Wedding Window. Our family and friends all near and far so we were trying to find a way to share our news with everyone and Wedding Window has allowed us to do JUST THAT-share our wedding bliss with the world! We could not have asked for a better way to share news and photos with family, friends and perfect strangers. ”

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Reviewed by Sekia Strange on August 4, 2007

”I've had my wedding window website for almost a year now and I have no complaints regarding the website at all. The staff at wedding window responds expeditiously to any questions or concerns that we may have. In the beginning of our service, the entire network was down for 24 hours. The administrators at Wedding Window e-mailed us with an additional month free due to the network problem. We didn't have to ask, it was just given to us. That's what I call superior service!”

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Reviewed by Shawna Farrell on August 3, 2007

”This site is super easy to use. Our families just love it and our visitor count doubles each day. So easy to put together this site is for anyone of any level of computer knowledge. A huge WOW to weddingwindow.”

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Great Investment!

Reviewed by Karena on July 31, 2007

”Words cannot describe how happy I am with the Wedding Window Website. The website is so easy to use, beautiful, elegant, and just amazing! I will recommend this site to anyone who is getting married. Everyone is amazed by all of the information that I can post, especially the online RSVP! Im in the beging stages of the wedding planning and this is one of best investements towards my wedding so far!”

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Couldn't be happier!

Reviewed by Isabel on July 31, 2007

”We couldn't possibly be any happier with our experiences with weddingwindow! The website is amazing and very user friendly. All of our friends and family were impressed with it. Since we were getting married abroad, having the website really helped our guests obtain information about the wedding. It also allowed out of town family and friends share in our experiences. They could view all of our pictures and even leave us thoughtful messages. We will reccomend this service to everyone we know who is planning a wedding.

Update on 9-28-2007: Thank you so much Wedding Window for the wonderful customer service and amazing site.”

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Awesome Service

Reviewed by Fred on July 10, 2007

”Wedding Window is an awesome service. When you are getting married, you have enough on your hands to worry about. Wedding Window makes building a beautiful website quick and easy. I have experience with building websites but Wedding Window allowed me to get our site up fast with a minimal amount of effort. The administration tool is extremely user friendly which made it fun for my fiancé and me to update the website. It’s got all the options and the flexibility which allowed us to create a website that truly represents our personal style. People have been really impressed and we have received numerous compliments on our site. We looked at other services but this one was the best. We have are extremely pleased with Wedding Window and we highly recommend it!!!”

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Beautiful Design Options!

Reviewed by Marti on July 2, 2007

”I shopped around at various wedding websites, and I found Wedding Window to have the most beautiful(and least cheesy) design options. I was able to match my color scheme (pink and brown) and the feel of my outdoor wedding (preppy country)and ended up with a site that looked custom-designed for me. I got many compliments on the website and it was very easy to create. For the price, I think they are the best out there! My wedding was 2 months ago and I recently ordered an archival CD of my site (another feature I appreciate). Great website service!”

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Go to Wedding Window

Worth every dime!!!!!

Reviewed by Farrah Carter on June 21, 2007

”I must admit, I've tried other wedding website’s free trails, but Wedding Window far exceeds their competition. With the help of their prompt customer service and superior wizards, I feel like a real web developer. This website has proved to be by far the best investment we’ve made for our wedding. My favorite feature has to be the Address Book page. Once we got our website up and going, I had cards printed with our website address on them, and requested people to leave their contact information of the Address Book Page. We gathered almost every one of our guest Contact information (and some we didn’t want) through our wedding website. Saved me a lot of time and telephone calls!!! Keep up the good work. Farrah and James ”

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I Got Lucky

Reviewed by Keya Chakraborty on January 20, 2007

”Last week I started my free trial on Wedding Window without doing much research. It is so easy I've finished about 1/2 my website in a couple of days. My fiance and everyone else who has seen it is amazed at what I have done so far. Then I decided to do some research before I actually paid for the website, and felt lucky that I would have picked Wedding Window, even if I had done my research first. I plan on purchasing an 18 month website with Wedding Window by tomorrow. ”

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Cream of the crop!

Reviewed by Jason on September 25, 2006

”I have looked at A LOT of different wedding website places online and these are guys are absolutely top notch. My fiance liked the designs the best and everything was very easy to figure out. Wedding Window is great! And the poster below who recommended theknot.com's site over this one needs to realize that the spartan website provided there is not in the same league as what you get from WeddingWindow.com.”

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Go to Wedding Window

Nice site!

Reviewed by Kimberly on September 6, 2006

”I know this is only for paying customers but I like checking out wedding sites to see who I would use in the future, and did the free trial and I like this site better then any other site I been on. It is fast to load things such as: photos,music and just the page itself. it is like going on Dittytalk.com aka a christian myspace it is so much fun to use!”

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The best wedding website ever!!!

Reviewed by Penni on August 16, 2006

”Wedding Window is a wonderful way to chronicle your entire wedding experience, from engagement on. My now husband and I are extremely thrilled with it and got constant compliments. ”

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Great way to get your wedding together

Reviewed by Kevin C. on July 7, 2006

”The wedding window website is a snap to use and allowed me to keep everyone informed about our wedding. I read the other review and it must be her computer. My wedding site is extremely fast and we have had nothing but compliments on how classy the design was. Worth every penny.....”

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Go to Wedding Window

It takes forever to upload the pages and pictures!

Reviewed by Grace Choi on July 6, 2006

”For some reason, the pages and pictures take forever to upload. Therefore, people viewing your website end up leaving because it takes too long. My friend used theknot.com's free website and they're pages and pictures upload just fine. What a waste of money...
Rated 1 star

1-28-2007 Update: Nice site with a few minor glitches
I have been using the wedding window site for several months now. The general look-and-feel of the site editor is good. For those who are considering signing up, there are two things to watch out for. One is that the server connection speed tends to be very slow for us. Also, I wish there were more options in the photo album page. The current design would not allow you to view full-res images using a navigation bar.
Rated 3 stars

Response from Wedding Window: We pride ourselves on maintaining a service that is well equipped to allow couples to easily upload web-optimized photos. However, if someone uploads a photo that is large in file size or resolution, he or she may experience upload or display delays.

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